The Rally software comes with hundreds of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help you track the performance of individuals, departments or even your company at large. Then, you can compare any two reports and arrive at personalised solutions for the problem at hand.

  • No matter what your business, chances are we have the right questions to ask. With hundreds of industry and role based KPIs to choose from, you can take almost any business through the rough terrain of growth.

  • Integrating Rally into your system is not a process, but a matter of clicks. And what’s better is that it comes with zero cost of maintenance. No secondary purchases. No subscriptions. It’s all there from the moment you get started.

  • Rally is cloud-based, which not only helps in keeping your data safe, but also makes it accessible anytime and from anywhere.

  • Access the software from your desktop, tab or mobile phone. With data that updates itself on all your devices, you can watch your team achieve their goals in real-time.

  • Using Rally, you have to approve the entries made by your team members before the data can be recorded. So your remarks are on your team’s screen as soon as you make them.

  • Get fully customisable KPIs and set targets for teams, individuals or your company. You can even set multiple targets for the same team or employee and take their growth to the next level.

  • Align your employees around the metrics that matter to you most. Set specific targets and publish guidelines to help your team achieve them. Using Rally, your team and you will always be on the same page.

  • The reports and dashboards that Rally generates can be set to show up directly in your mailbox. So you can track the operations of your company anytime and from anywhere. You can even export these reports or print them for hard-copy records.

We could have created a standard pricing for all users, but we realised that would be unfair to the mid and small-sized organisations. So we’re currently offering custom pricing plans that are based on your usage of the software. Get a pricing plan that’s suited to your needs by filling out a short form, here.